Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lights Up The Night!

Hello there lovely people! I finally have the time to sit down and post pictures from last night's outfit, in which I wore to the Houston Rodeo Livestock Show 2013! It was such a fun and memorable night :) Had my first carnival date ever!!! LOL;

Since I was going to a carnival, I didn't want to overdress. I wanted to wear something cute, yet, comfortable. Since the weather permitted it, I finally got the chance to wear my bright, neon lime green shorts from Loveculture. Let me just say, I am in love with this pair of shorts! It is so cute and comfortable!

As for the top, I kept it simple with a white, lace, floral shirt from Forever21. Didn't want to overwhelm the outfit, since my shorts was already too bright. Lol; to help me walk, run, jump, or whatever I had to do at the carnival, I wore my comfy leopard Vans :)

White, Lace, Floral Top: Forever21
Neon, Lime Green Shorts: Loveculture
Leopard Shoes: Vans

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